Your own branded sports picking app.

Designed for fun, built for insight.

Play the ultimate competition with your audience or customers. Grow your database and gain valuable insights.

This is marketing on a whole new level.

Join the companies engaging with their customers by providing weekly entertainment.

A fun game to play with your audience.

Choose almost any sporting competition to play Pick N Go with your audience. Build closer relationships with your customers by giving them a fun game to play.

pick n go app

Players choose their winners for each round. Decide the margin for extra points.

pick n go margins
pick n go features

Earn points and trophies to score high and win big!

Check your position and prizes on the leaderboard.

We think about growing your business from the inside out.

check position phone

Ask a little,
learn a lot

Gain valuable insights from your audience about your product or service. All data is available on your own competition dashboard.

Audience insights

Features that deliver.

Pick N Go is design to be fun for the players and valuable for you.


  • Clean your existing database.
  • Increase your database.

Promotion / Advertising

  • Promote your products and services with click through banner advertising.


  • Regular EDM contact.
  • Push notifications and reminders.


  • Learn more about your customers by asking them questions as part of the game.


We would love to meet you and share how Pick N Go can accelerate your engagement strategy.

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